The Institute of Mathematics and Applications is functioning under the administrative control of Science and Technology Department.

Significant activities of the Institute of Mathematics and Applications during 2003-04 are as follows:

i) Research activities

The Instiute has undertaken 5 Research Projects during 2003-04.

ii) Visiting professor

Two Visiting Professor have joined the Institute during 2003-04.

iii) Guest Faculty

In order to create a healthy atmosphere of research in mathematics the Institute has invited ten retired professor of mathematics to join as guest faculties.

iv) Project Undertaken by the Institute

Project on "A study of Tropical Cyclone with a Regional Model" and "Rural Mathematics Talent Search" were undertaken by the Institute. Besides, the National Board for Higher Mathematics has sanctioned funds to organize four weeks interactive Summer Mathematics Training Camp for College and University students.

v) Organisation of Seminar and Conferences

a. A National Conference on "Analysis and its Applications" was held from 26.5.2003 - 27.5.2003 in honour of Professor Gokulananda Das on his completion of 65 years on the occasion of 4th Foundation day of the Institute.

b. The Annual Conference of Orissa Mathematical Society was organized by Institute of Mathematics from 7th february to 8th February 2004.

c. A National Conference on "Wavelets and its Applications" was organized by the Institute of Mathematics and Applications which was attended by about 200 participants from all over India.

2. Search and Nurture of Math Talents

i) The Institute of Mathematics in cooperation with Orissa Mathematical Society organized Junior Mathematics Olympiad (for Class VI, VII and VIII), Regional Mathematics Olympiad (for class IX, X, XI, XII) and Honours Mathematics Olympiad in Orissa. ii) The Institute organized Prize Distribution on 18.6.2003 for 250 Math Olympians

ii)Unique Achievement:

Due to continuous effort of Institute of Mathematics and Applications Orissa has a very honorable place in Math Olympiad movements in India. Six students in 2003 and two students in 2004 from Orissa were in the top 30 students in Indian National Mathematics Olympiad conducted by National Board for Higher Mathematics.

iii) Mathematics Training Camps

a. Summer Mathematics Training Camp: A Summer Mathematics Training Camp was organized by Institute of Mathematics and Applications from 5th June to 18 June 2003. More than 100 students from about 40 schools duly selected through Mathematics Olympiad attended the camp.

b. Winter Mathematics Training Camp: 35 students selected through Regional Mathematics Olympiad held on 9.11.2003 were trained in a camp organized by the Institute from 22.12.2003 to 28.12.2003. The aim of the camp was to prepare them for Indian Nat ional Mathematics Olympiad. Professor Pranesachar, Math Olympiad cell, from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore was specially invited for this purpose.

c. Interactive Mathematics Training Programme for Under Graduate and Post Graduate students: The Institute of Mathematics and Applications organized an Interactive Mathematics Training Camp for one month from 24.9.2003 to 23.10. 2003 for undergraduate and first year Master's level students of Orissa. This is a programme supported by the National Board for Higher Mathematics, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. This is to give an exposure of quality mathematics. This is to enlighten young men and women about international standard of mathematics. It is hoped that it would encourage some young men and women to choose mathematics as a career. 60 students were chosen from 20 Colleges and Universities of Orissa and about 20 reputed mathematicians from lIT's, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, Institute of Mathematics, Chennai, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and Indian Statistical Institute, Banglore etc. were invited as resource persons.

iv) Rural Mathematics Talent Search Programme: For many years students of Orissa have been doing well in the Indian National Mathematics Olympiads yet almost all of them are from urban background from English medium schools. To correct this imbalance Institute of Mathematics and Applications conducted a rural mathematics Olympiad for children of class VI of exclusively rural areas attending Government schools. About 5000 children from all over Orissa took the test on the 21st September 2003. Of these about 100 children were selected for advanced training in Bhubaneswar one third of that number from Western Orissa, one third from South Orissa and one third from the coastal Orissa. They were trained in two batches for a period of one week which was also attended by some of their teachers. This had a good impact on the children and teachers who attended it. The entire programme was supported by the National Board for Higher Mathematics.