The Pathani Samanta Planetarium has been established in Bhubaneswar with a view to invoking interest in our celestial environment and creating awareness in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science among the people.

During the year 2003-2004 the following activities were undertaken in the Planetarium.

I. Planetarium Programmes:

(i) No. of working days : 313/366
(ii)No. of regular shows : 1099
(iii)No. of special shows : 213
(iv) Total No. of shows : 1312
(v) No. of adult viewers : 48,932
(vi) No. of child viewers : 49,512
(vii) No. of total viewers : 98,444
(viii)Total amount collected : 7,34,775

II. Night Sky Watch Programme:

a) Inside Pathani Samanta Planetarium premises.
i) No. of days : 48
ii)No. of visitors : 6000

b) Outside Pathani Samanta Planetarium premises
i) No. of days : 18
ii) No. of visitors. : 7000

III. Audio Visual Programme:

i) No. of slide shows : 21
ii) No. of raidio talks : 14
iii) No. of popular talks : 47

IV. Other Activities:

1. Safe viewing of transit of Mercury was arranged at the premises of Pathani Samanta Planetarium on 7.5.2003. About 1500 visitors took the opportunity to observe the event.

2. The death Centenary year of Samanta Chandra Sekhar was commemorated in the auditorium of Plantarium on 11th June, 2003 in the forenoon. Hon'ble Minister, Science & Technology attended the function as Chief Guest.

3. A teachers orientation programme was conducted on 23.8.2003 in collaboration with the BOSE, Cuttack, Orissa. Various activities of Planetarium and scope of astronomy were explained. About 50 teachers from different parts of Orissa took part in the programme.

4. Night Sky watch programme was conducted from 26.8.2003 to 8.9.2003 in the premises of PS Planetarium. During this period the planet Mars was very close to earth, various facts and data were provided to the general public and arrangements were made to view the planets through the telescope. About 1500 visitors witnessed various Nigh Sky objects through telescope.

5. Poster shows and demonstration of instruments devised by Pathani Samanta were organized at all the 30 districts of Orissa by OBA in connection with observation of death Centenary of Samanta Chandra Sekhar. Pathani Samanta Planetarium provided the Resource Person and experts in all the above programme.

6. Various state level competitions like essay, debate and quiz were organized on the occasion of 14th annual day of Pathani Samanta Plantarium among school students. The winners of the competition were given awards at a function on 8th Jan, 2004.