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1.    Scientific Research

  • Development of Biotechnology: Biotechnology, the cutting edge technology with the potential to revolutionize many facets of industrial, agricultural and medicinal practices, is perceived as a major vehicle for socio-economic development through application and use of biological agents and materials in the production of appropriate goods and services. The following activities / programmes are taken up under the scheme “Development of Biotechnology”.
    • Financial support to Research & Development projects 
    • Financial Support to Pursue Masters Degree and PhD
    • Financial support for holding workshops/seminars/symposia/conference etc.
    • Fiscal & Non-fiscal incentives under Biotechnology Policy-2018/2016
    • Financial support for attending workshops/seminars/symposia/conference
    • DBT-GoO Skill Bigyan
  • Application of Remote Sensing, GIS and IT: Odisha Space Applications Centre, as the State Nodal Agency for remote sensing application and research studies. The space technology, Geographic Information System, IT etc are being used for survey, planning and development of action plans for natural resources management, e-Governance, Disaster mitigation. The following schemes/projects are under taken by ORSAC:
    • With the support of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) space technology for the education and development has come up with a dedicated satellite named as EDUSAT. Under this programme, ISRO has supported installation of control centres and a few remote terminals in the State of Odisha to utilize the channel for benefit of the High School students. 
    • Implementation of a Research and Development Project under the climate change action plan of Odisha is undertaken under the name is “Assessment of Erosion Prone Areas of Odisha State and study of Micro & Meso Level Effects of Erosion on Costal Roads and Settlements” with the help of Digital Elevation model and “Survey and Mapping using unmanned air craft system”
    • GoI-State Pilot project on ”Application Development for the urban and rural areas of Odisha State using Odisha Spatial Data Infrastructure(OSDI) Frame Work by converging Data Gaps” 

2. Development of Planetarium & Museums

  • Establishment of Planetaria: The main objective and function of the planetarium is to popularize Astronomy, Astro-physics and Space Science among the public in general and student community in particular through planetarium shows, night sky watch programmes, training programmes on astronomy, astrophysics and space science, demonstration of models, holding of seminars and workshops etc. Currently, there are two Planetaria functioning in the State, one at Bhubaneswar and the other one at Burla; six more Planetaria are coming up in the districts of Ganjam, Rayagada, Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh, Balangir and Keonjhar.

3. Popularization of Science & Technology: Odisha Bigyan Academy (OBA) undertakes the following activities for popularization of Science and Technology : (i) organizing exhibitions, discussions, workshops and seminars in all parts of the State for observation of National Science day every year (ii) publishing magazines and periodicals to sensitize the public about the role of Science and technology (iii) Publication of monthly Science magazine “Bigyan Diganta” in Odia language and Braille script (iv) Publication of Science Magazine “The Science Horizon” in English(v) Conferring awards to eminent scientists, researchers and writers of scientific literature (vi) District level interactive sessions of science teachers and students tobe continued during the year 2020-21.

4. Odisha State Council on Science & Technology: In order to promote Science & Technology in the State, Odisha Council on Science & Technology has been constituted as the highest policy making body.  Under the scheme “Functioning of State Council” the following activists / programs are implemented:

  • Scholarship for students to pursue Masters in basic and applied sciences.
  • Fellowship (Biju Pattnaik Research Fellowship) for students to pursue PhD in basic & applied sciences.
  • Financial assistance to Government Colleges/ autonomous Colleges/ State Universities for holding seminars / symposia/ conferences/ workshops 
  • Financial Support R&D projects
  • Travel Grant to academicians/ scientists to give oral presentation on National/ International Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Symposia etc.
  • Popularization of Science & Technology/ publicity 
  • Establishment of District Science Centers/Parks in the State.
  • Patent Information Cell(116.62 KB) About Patent Information Centre (PIC)

5. Support to Scientific Institutions: Under this scheme, financial support is provided to The Institute of Mathematics and Applications. The institute offers Graduate and Post Graduate programmes in Mathematics, Computational Finance and Data Science. It also undertakes orientation and refresher courses for teachers/ research scholars, fundamental research in mathematics, research in modern areas and introduction of new techniques, and its applications, programmes for search of mathematical talents among school children. 

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